Erika Lemay

Photo: Lazarina Kanorova

Born: 1983

Eye color: Green Blue

Height: 163 cm

Language(s): French, French Canadian, English, Italian


Imdb profile

Canadian-born Erika Lemay has become an icon in the world of live performance, using her body in ways that defy gravity as well as human possibilities. Her journey started with a ballet class at the age of four, and has since then taken her to worldwide success. As the creator of Physical Poetry Erika has always said that ‘Poetry doesn’t have to be expressed with words’. She is now a highly-coveted brand ambassador, public speaker and cause activist. She has performed extensively as a soloist guest star with Cirque du Soleil and is an Arts Ambassador with the cultural foundation Pensare Oltre.

She has featured in numerous theatre productions and played the Chocolate Girl (Sjokoladepiken) in TV Series “Halvbroren” for NRK in 2012. Erika created and performed a solo show in 2012 to push her artistic and physical boundaries even further. This 75-minute acrobatic performance, dance, immersive technology and theatre was the first one-woman show of its genre – A Lemay direction that has been followed by many more; in Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Today, Erika draws upon two decades of expertise to create bespoke shows and narrate other peoples’ visions through Physical Poetry. Her first book Almost Perfect is published in 2021.

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