Christian Holm-Glad

Photo: Kilian Munch

Born: 1976


Film & TV
Executive Producer
2019: Valhalla (Film) Prod: Profile Pictures

In Production: Cake (Documentary) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2017: Religion of Sports – Follow That Line (Documentary Series) Prod: Dirty Robber
2017: Larger Than Life (TV Series) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2016: Med Livet som Innsats (TV Series) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2015: Sushi & Nuclear (Documentary) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2014: How Do They Do It? (TV Series) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2014: Triangle (Three Short Films) Prod: Teddy TV
2013: Fylla (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV
2013: I Kveld med Ylvis (TV Show) Prod: Concorde
2013: Typisk Deg (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV
2012: Folkeopplysningen (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV
2012: Chasing the World’s Largest Number (Documentary) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2012: Chronic Insomnia (Short Film) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2012: Transient Insomnia (Short Film) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2012: Rhapsody (Seven Vibes) (Short Film) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2011: Norwegian Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest (Opening sequence) Prod: Bulldozer Film
2011: Siffer (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV
2011: Om Alt på 5 Minutter (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV
2010: Påpp and Råkk (TV Series) Prod: Seefood
2009: Velg 09 (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV
2009-08: Tingenes Tilstand (TV Series) Prod: Teddy TV

Christian has been nominated seven times and has won the Norwegian Emmy Award ”Gullruten”. He is a veteran of international film festivals, receiving nominations and awards from festivals across the globe including Webby Awards, UKMVA and AmDocs.

He has worked with artists and brands including Kygo, Apple, Calvin Harris, Discovery Channel, Madcon, Xbox, Kano, Serena Maneesh, Kaada, Thirstin Howl III and several others and has had number one hits in the UK and in Norway. After their collaboration, Calvin Harris stated: “He is amazing and all music videos should be directed by him!”.

Christian is the founder of production company Bulldozer Film and the art and science edutainment company Science Addiction.

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