Feature Film for Netflix

PER-OLAV SØRENSEN DIRECTS FEATURE FILM ROYALTEEN FOR NETFLIX  —  BASED ON RANDI FUGLEHAUG’S AND ANNE GUNN HALVORSEN’S ACCLAIMED BOOK — July 9, 2021 – He carries a nation on his shoulders. She carries lies on hers. Can there be a future for the King-to-be and the girl next door with the big secret? Today Netflix announced

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Ingrid Skagestad – new producer

We are happy to welcome Ingrid Skagestad (33) as a new producer in TGE Drama. She is educated at The Norwegian Film School and with her vast experience as both production manager and producer in domestic and international tv-series and films, Ingrid will be a great asset to our team and to our company. Titles like “The

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Janne Hjeltnes – new CEO

The Global Ensemble Drama welcomes Janne Hjeltnes as our new CEO/Producer. She has a broad experience as a producer with hands on production experience for many years, both on set, and in postproduction, as well as an extensive experience from the theatrical stage. The last years she has been responsible for the Production & Financing

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