Janne Hjeltnes – new CEO

The Global Ensemble Drama welcomes Janne Hjeltnes as our new CEO/Producer.

She has a broad experience as a producer with hands on production experience for many years, both on set, and in postproduction, as well as an extensive experience from the theatrical stage.

The last years she has been responsible for the Production & Financing department at Storyline Studios. Here she built up an important slate of various projects co-producing with local and international partners.

Her latest TV drama series Rodknock (Rådebank) – a huge success of a coming-of-age series for NRK – was co-produced with Fenomen. She has also co-produced the last year’s winner of the IDFA Awards, the documentary Radiograph of a Family together with main producer Antipode Films. As well as a Finnish feature film Sihja, the Rebel Fairy produced together with Tuffi Film and Den siste skilling hopefully opens in cinemas in 2021. The animated series Ollie for Ketnet, RTE and NRK was also an international co-production with Lunanime in Belgium and Ink&Ligth in Ireland. With local partners she co-produced with Miso Film “Alle utlendinger har lukka gardiner”, a feature film for a young audience.

– In the The Global Ensemble Drama, I am looking forward to connect with the creative core of a project and find the right path, form and arena that is the best one for each project. I do believe the art of producing is to be able to bridge the right people together and build strong creative teams adjusted to each project, says Hjeltnes.

We are happy to have Janne on board our new, challenge seeking and energetic production company. Janne brings a combination of experience, knowledge and artistic background to the job as a CEO. Her reputation as a clear, hard working and empathetic leader is a full match with how we want our production’s to be lead, says Per-Olav Sørensen, the founder of The Global Ensemble Drama.

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