The Global Ensemble Drama

The Global Ensemble Drama is a production company run by creative talent developing, creating and producing TV Drama, movies and documentaries. From the base in Oslo – Norway, we join forces with international and global streaming platforms, broadcasters as well as domestic partners. We also develop and co-produce with a wide range of international production companies, producers and studios.


Janne Hjeltnes
+ 47 93662021

Per-Olav Sørensen
Executive producer/Artistic director

Hallgrim Haug
+ 47 90555782

Ingrid Skagestad
+ 47 90755390

Ola Narum Berg                   Line producer
+ 47 93262086

Morten Archer Bugge
Line producer + 47 91134314 

Ester Grenersen
Script coordinator
+ 47 97507013

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