TGE DRAMA’S NEW PRODUCTION ON TV 2 PLAY Please follow the link to read an article on NTB about “Julestjerna”:

THE GLOBAL ENSEMBLE DRAMA increases their staff by hiring TRUDE KOLAAS as leader of Global Content – the writing and development section of TGE. Kolaas has a degree in Arts Management from Norwegian Business School, but is primarily known as the founder and CEO of the literary agency IMMA, which promotes and are selling rights …

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Per-Olav Sørensen Directs New Christmas Series for Netflix

Acclaimed director Per-Olav Sørensen (Home for Christmas, Quicksand, Nobel) is teaming up with the award-winning writer Lars Saabye Christensen to create a new Christmas series for Netflix. It is set to begin production in Oslo, Norway during 2022. Series logline:December 2022. A group of people arrive at Oslo airport. Some to welcome their loved ones, …

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Feature Film for Netflix

PER-OLAV SØRENSEN DIRECTS FEATURE FILM ROYALTEEN FOR NETFLIX  —  BASED ON RANDI FUGLEHAUG’S AND ANNE GUNN HALVORSEN’S ACCLAIMED BOOK — July 9, 2021 – He carries a nation on his shoulders. She carries lies on hers. Can there be a future for the King-to-be and the girl next door with the big secret? Today Netflix announced …

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