"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Helen Keller
The Global Ensemble consists of four independent limited companies all run with different boards, ownership models and teams. But they all share the same values on focusing on talent, the creative artist, the creative process, diversity and the strong belief that collaboration makes creative processes and productions stronger.

The Global Ensemble Drama is a production company for film, tv-drama, documentaries and short films. The company produces both in the Nordic region and globally, and has offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

Global Ensemble Talent Management is a talent management company representing Nordic actors and creatives.

The Global Ensemble Theatre is a touring and production company collaborating with a handful high-end Nordic and international actors, dancers and artists for the stage. The company also runs the NonStop International Theatre Festival.

ScopeGlobal is a production company focusing on artists in the music field, developing brands, profiles, strategies and producing music videos. The company also does commercials on demand.